Company Services

In order to provide industry leading solutions at affordable prices, it requires a team of experienced professionals who know how to maximize each and every tool available. Congneir offers exactly that. cognier’s outstanding track record for providing projects within budget constraints has established our proven methodology as an industry leading solution.

Some of the key features of cognier’s proven methodology include being a pioneer in implementation related research, excellent project management, and adaptive methodology to meet even the most demanding client’s needs. Most importantly, the summation of each part of Cognier Inc’s proven methodology can take a company from the initial planning stages, through implementation to a fully functional production system.

  • Application Services

    To remain competitive, you not only need to plan, build and run your IT applications projects successfully, you need to optimize application for performance and critical business intelligence. From data services and data cleansing, to custom software development, applications management, QA and testing, and applications consulting solutions, we help you realize ROI, while minimizing risk.

  • Infrastructure Services

    End user issues must be quickly addressed and resolved to enhance business productivity. Additionally, new technologies must be deployed effectively and efficiently to keep business operations moving forward. Our custom IT support solutions provide the technical expertise and management oversight required to support your IT initiatives on time, within budget and quality goals.

  • Education Services

    IT is constantly evolving. To keep pace and maximize return on your IT investments, you must equip your employees with the skills sets they need to help your business succeed. Through our suite of IT and business training courses, custom developed solutions and managed training services, we help you drive skill development and enterprise-wide adoption of new technologies and business processes.

  • Strategy Planning

    Business cases, feasibility, technology road maps, options appraisal, post-implementation review Cloud Computing. Sourcing and collaborative procurement. Enabling and emerging technologies – smart cards, biometrics, networking and infrastructure, mobile and wireless, application software.

  • Solutions Development

    Application development and integration (Oracle, SAP and Microsoft and many other). Software testing and quality assurance. Delivery and Management. Application management.

  • Our Strategy Development Services

    Service rationalization – sourcing strategies (Cloud Computing, Collaborative/Shared Services, Outsourcing) EAI, SOA, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, etc. Mobile/home working. Collaboration – Twitter, Second Life, SharePoint.

IT Outsourcing

cognier is an easy choice for clients looking to cut costs and still have in house professional, technical services. cognier works with clients to determine the best method to achieve maximum cost savings and technical coverage thus allowing clients to focus on their core business functionalities. cognier can assume complete technical responsibility for client IT divisions or specific technical taskings.

Software Development

Companies that want to stay ahead of the competition understand the fundamental importance of using software to automate business processes. Today, companies are faced with the challenge of developing new applications or revising old applications that will give them a competitive edge, while balancing tightening development budgets and shrinking cycle times.

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